Our Services:

  • Online Personal Security
    • Find out what you look like online
    • Find out who is publishing information about you
    • Get control over search results for your name
    • Get alerted when your online information changes
  • Corporate Cyber Security Reviews
    • Find out what your company looks like online
    • Find out where your information is
    • Assess the external security of your networks
  • Research & Analysis
    • Tailored Cyber Research
    • Technical Analysis
    • Rapid Turnaround
  • Litigation Support
    • People & Locations
    • Real World and Cyber Events
    • Cyber Attacks
  • Cyber Security Consulting & Training
    • Cyber Security Planning
    • Cyber Security Training
    • Cyber Collections Training
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Online Personal Security

You need more than just an online reputation! The Cyan Group's Online Personal Security Service will help you protect your life as well as your reputation. Our three phase Online Personal Security Service is straightforward and effective.
Today's threats have a wealth of online public information that they can use to target their victims. Likewise these threats can use the Internet to defame, slander, or harass at will.

Don't spend every day wondering if your online reputation or security has been altered. Let The Cyan Group work for you. We focus on the following realms of online information:

  • Published Personal Information
  • Account Security
  • Threat Identification
  • Possible Attack Vectors & Vulnerabilities
1. Assess what information already exists
2. Enhance & Secure your online persona
3. Monitor your online persona for new information

Corporate Cyber Security

80% of Data loss is accidentally caused by users

Many other companies focus only on the internal security of your network. The Cyan Group believes that is only one piece of the cyber security puzzle. We look outside your network to identify information and security flaws from the point of view of the attacker.
  • Network Vulnerabilities
  • Leaked or Posted Information
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Attack Vectors

Research & Analysis

At the heart of what we do is Research and Analysis. We believe that to effectively conduct Internet based research the researcher not only has to be skilled in traditional research methodologies but also highly skilled in the areas of computer network design and security. For this reason we look for individuals that possess a wide array of technical skills including network engineering, database administration, computer programming, and wireless communications.

It is from these skill sets that we are able to build and customize automated research & analysis tools as well as perform deep dive targeted collection.

When our researchers see a web page they see more than graphics and text. They know how it was written, where it is hosted, what hidden information exists, as well as how it has possibly changed over time.

This technical perspective is often used to compliment traditional researchers, analysts, and linguists resulting in a more complete and accurate product.

Litigation Support

The Cyan Group's Litigation support provides our customers with a tailored cyber research and analysis product. Our research can assist legal teams prepare in many ways such as:
  • Correlate user names to real names
  • Identify Online Accounts
  • Perform IP Address Research
  • Research Online Actions
  • Create Online Activity Timelines
  • Conduct Background Checks
  • Perform Digital Forensic Collection and Analysis
  • Protect Clients Information
  • Prepare for Questioning
  • Conduct case related research


The Cyan Group provides on site customized training for both government and commercial customer sets. Our hands on training technique gives students the opportunity to achieve the most comprehensive learning. Our highly trained technical professionals constantly drive new content into our training material ensuring that the training is up to date and accurate.
  • Protecting Yourself Online
  • Corporate Online Security For Employees
  • Corporate Online Security For Executives
  • Corporate Network Security
  • Cyber Collections & Analysis


With the dizzying amount of cyber threats and solutions out their today cyber security can become an overwhelming task. As consultants The Cyan Group can provide clarity and solutions to our customers.
  • Specialized Network Design
  • Corporate Cyber Security Practices
  • Family Cyber Security
  • Expert Witness Testimony