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Our Three-Phase Approach to Online Personal Security Services is Straightforward and Effective


Reveal threats to your personal and professional interests on the Open Internet and Dark Web.



Secure and Improve your online persona.



Identify new information and threats to your online identity with Inteliwatch.

At the Cyan Group we know the internal security of your network is only one piece of the cyber security puzzle. We focus outside of your network to identify information and security flaws from the point of view of an attacker, and work with you to fix them.

Covered in your Corporate Cyber Security review is a full diagnostic of your company’s:

  • External Network Vulnerabilities
  • Proprietary Information Exposure
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Other Identified Attack Vectors

Tailored Cyber Research and Analysis

At the heart of what we do is Research and Analysis. To effectively conduct Internet based research the researcher has to be skilled in more than just traditional research methodologies. Cyan researchers are also highly skilled in the areas of computer network design and information security. Our team members possess a wide array of technical skills including, network engineering, database administration, computer programming, and wireless communications.

When our researchers see a web page they see more than graphics and text. They know how it was written, where it is hosted, what hidden information exists, and how it has changed over time. This technical perspective compliments traditional researchers, analysts, and linguists resulting in a more complete and accurate product.

It is from these skill sets that we are able to build and customize automated research & analysis tools and perform deep dive targeted collection.


Our full compliment of online offerings

Corporate Due Dilligence

Get the information you need to make informed decisions

Email Investigations

Discover the identity of individuals sending malicious or threatening emails

Legal Support

Protect client information and conduct case related online research

Threat Monitoring

Stay aware of identified threats and their online activity

Custom Research

Online research adapted to meet your specific needs


Corporate and Family Cyber Security, Procurement and Design Services

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